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AMEDD Center and School Practical Nurse Course

Navy Nurses
Army Nurses: Military as a Nursing Career

The purpose of the US Army Practical Nurse Course is to prepare selected and qualified Army Medical Department enlisted personnel for entry-level practical nursing during peacetime and mobilization in a variety of military settings. ASI is awarded upon successful completion of course requirements.

AMEDD Practical Nurse Course

AMEDD Center and School Practical Nurse Course

The course is 48 weeks long, with inputs occurring ten different times per year. Training is provided in three phases which feature integrated didactic, field and clinical learning experiences.
Phase 1, eight weeks in length, is taught at the AMEDD Center and School, Fort Sam Houston, TX.
Phase 2, 34.4 weeks in length and Phase 3, 5.6 weeks in length are conducted at each of the following sites: BAMC, EAMC, WRAMC, MAMC and WBAMC.

Enlisted Soldiers must be 68W qualified to attend training. This course is open to Active Army and Reserve Components Sergeants (E-5) and below. Active Army Soldiers Sergeant promotable and above are not eligible. Active Army Soldiers must have 2 years experience as a 68W to enroll. The Service Remaining Requirement (SRR) for Active Army is 30 months and is 24 months for the Army Reserve. Army Reserve Soldiers must serve their obligation in the Selected Reserves. Soldiers must extend or re-enlist to meet their SRR prior to reporting for training. Other prerequisites, including the range of ST and GT scores, are outlined in the approved POI and are reflected on the Army Training Requirements and Resourcing System (ATRRS).

Program goals are:
-Discuss principles of basic level anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and nutrition.
-Perform basic level pharmacological calculations.
-Perform basic field nursing skills and equipment set-up.
-Demonstrate entry level computer skills in using patient information systems.
-Administer safe and effective entry level practical nursing care.
-Safely administer medications within LPN/LVN scope of practice.
-Demonstrate entry level skills in caring for the critically ill patient.
-Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.
-Demonstrate leadership skills as both a team member
and as a team leader.
-Apply knowledge of drug therapy into nursing practice.

The course is approved by the Texas State Board of
Nurse Examiners. Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX PN) and the initial licensure must be from Texas. Licensure is mandatory to maintain the ASI 68WM6, Practical Nurse.

ACASP. The Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program is designed to award the 68WM6 ASI to persons with equivalent civilian training. The general requirements are: completion of an accredited Licensed Practical Nurse/Vocational Nursing Program, hold a valid LPN/LVN license, hold current Emergency Medical Technician-Basic certification and/or complete equivalent training through the Army Medical Department Center and School to meet 68W Military Occupational Specialty (Health Care Specialist) requirements, and completion of 120 hours critical care requirement.

300 68WM6 Practical Nurse Course (AMEDDC&S)

Subcourses/Correspondence Courses. There are four subcourses available in the 68WM6 Practical Nurse Preparatory Correspondence Course. These courses are designed to prepare prospective students for the 68WM6 Resident Course by enhancing their knowledge of medical and nursing subjects. Additionally, there are 11 subcourses that are available and are designed to maintain proficiency once the student has completed the Resident 68WM6 Course.

During or after completion of the 68W training, candidates with civilian acquired Practical Nurse training with a valid LPN license will notify AMEDD Personnel Directorate APPD), or AMEDD PN Branch to request to be awarded the M6 ASI and be assigned to one of five MTFs, where there is a 68WM6 Phase 2/3 site (MAMC, EAMC, WRAMC, WBAMC, or BAMC) in order to complete the additional required M6 training.

The Soldier will have 12 months to complete the training as outlined in MCCS-HNP SOP #8. If not completed within that time period, the Phase 2 Director will notify PN Branch. The PN Branch Program Director will contact APPD to inform them of the need to submit a 4187 to remove the M6 ASI and have Soldier reassigned as a 68W.

Navy Nurses
Army Nurses: Military as a Nursing Career

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