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CNA Skill:How To Make An Occupied Bed

A clean, wrinkle-free bed is especially important to the resident who spends many hours of the day in bed.

An occupied bed is made up with the resident in bed.

With some practice, you can make an occupied bed without even touching the clean bed lines to the soiled ones. How to make a hospital bed when the patient is unable to get out of bed; Steps for Changing an Occupied Bed:
-Washes hands
-Gathers linen
-Identifies self by name
-Identifies resident and greet resident by name.
-Explain procedure to resident
-Places clean linen within reach

Making Occupied Bed

Making Occupied Bed

-Provides for resident’s privacy with a curtain, screen or door.
-Puts on gloves
-Covers resident and loosens top linens
-Unfold bath blanket over top sheet and removes top sheet, keeping resident covered at all times.
-Adjusts bed to safe working level. Lowers head of bed. Locks bed wheels
-Makes bed one side at a time. Raises side rail on far side of bed, Goes to other side of bed and lowers side rail. Helps resident to turn onto his side.
-Loosens bottom soiled linen on working side.
-Rolls bottom soiled linen toward rresident and center of bed. Soiled side inside.
-Places mattress pad on bed
-Places clean bottom linen
-Smoothes bottom sheet out toward resident. Rolls extra material toward resident and tucks it under resident’s body.
-Raises near side rail. Goes to other side of bed and lowers side rail.
-Helps resident roll onto clean bottom sheet.
-Loosens soiled linen. Rolls linen from head to foot of bed. Does not shake linen. Places it in a linen bag.
The following video demonstrates how to make an occupied bed.

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