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Male Nurses Have a Better Chance of Getting Into the Nursing Program

Increase in male nurses -1

Thurmond also had a male nurse when she had her baby three years ago. “He was wonderful,” Thurmond reflected. “He was sensitive. I thought it was kind of strange to actually have a male nurse instead of working with one, but he was the best.”

Male Nurses Chance

In_2005, out of 189 nursing majors at APSU, 26 of them were males. “The world is more open and accepting of male nurses,” said Joeann Burteff, the interim director of nursing at APSU. “There is a place in nursing for the male gender. We see more males going into this predominant female profession, and it could be because you see more females going into the predominant male professions now.”

Burteff is right. Along with male nurses, male beauticians are also becoming more common. Another aspect is the different techniques employed by men and women for the job.

“A woman might be real soft and gentle,” said Kaya Ray, junior pre-med chemistry major. The gentleness of a female nurse may really come in handy at times, especially when they have child patients. On the other hand, some male patients may feel awkward talking to women nurses about certain things.

“They [male patients] may feel comfortable talking to another man about their issues. That may be one contributing factor,” said Kendra Dunn, academic counselor for Trio Student Support Services.

All in all, there are probably still some men out there who would love to become a nurse, but are too frightened of the stereotype to step up to the role. “If you have the knowledge and the work ethic to achieve that (nursing), I think that anyone should go for it,” said Sally Allen, the admissions manager at APSU.

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In fact, the lack of male nurses these days could actually help more men to get the nursing jobs a little easier.

Male nurses have a better chance of getting into the nursing program than women do, because there is a lack of them,” said freshman Jeannie Williams.

While male nurses may still be somewhat rare, the increase is steadily building. Perhaps maybe less than 40 years from now, male nurses might be as common as female nurses.(source)

Male Nurses

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