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Where To Find a Free CNA Training?

20 Ways You know You are a CNA
There are a number of places where you can get CNA training for free:

The Workforce and Continuing Education Department have a grant which will pay for the CNA course, uniforms, help with transportation costs and even daycare to QUALIFIED applicants. (must be low income, out of school, and 17-21 years old)

Free Cna Training

Free Cna Training

Nursing homes in your area. Many of them hold free classes in exchange for you working for them. Get the phone book. Look up long term care centers and call them up and ask.

Look for local regional occupation programs (ROP) in your area. If the CNA program is not free, then it will be very low cost- $100 or so.

Some hospitals have contracts with local colleges. Their courses are free to the student.

The CNA/HHA Scholarship Program sponsors FREE CNA and HHA training for qualified individuals who would like to become Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) and/or Home Health Aides (HHAs) and work in long term care.

The program covers the full cost of training, including the CNA state certification exam. It is administered by the Massachusetts Extended Care Federation (MECF) and funded through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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    27 Responses to “Where To Find a Free CNA Training?”

    1. Anonymous said… says:


      • carol says:

        I need to know if any facility(s) that offer free cna training in turn for employment with said company. I was certified cna in NJ in the early 80s which I let expired, also my pharmacist assistant eoxpired in 2003, my company allows me to work in that capacity until they downsize I was let go. My email is

    2. Vanessa says:

      Hello.. My name is Vanessa Denise Cervantes Im a single mother of two twins boys. Currently working for McDonalds.. Im interested to become a CNA because i like to keep people company and helping them on anything they need. I would love information on what schools or facilities give free CNA training or low cost for the classes.. I dont make that much income. I live in west covina, California.

    3. shardon says:

      Hi I’m shardon hall and I would like to became a CNA and I would like to know is there a progeam free for ppl like 24 and older if there is please let me know.

    4. carla says:

      hi i am with the gain program how can they help me get my cna class from a LA Valley College.

    5. Renita says:

      Are there free CNA classes available for those over 21?

    6. antoinette scott says:

      am looking for free cna classes i heard they offer some classes for people who were layoff.

    7. zakiya martin says:

      where can i find free cna class in philadelphia

    8. Eileen says:

      Hi I am currently looking for free or very low cost training classes to become a CNA. I am having trouble finding one and I would appreciate it alot if you could help. Thanks

    9. Yuvisela says:

      If anyone can tell me, where can i go to take free CNA classes, around the Fayette county area.. Thanks

    10. I being layout service 10years now I need training in some new I think the health field good career as a cna

    11. Jessica says:

      where could i get CNA training free in Colorado since im 44?

    12. ebony.m says:

      yuvisela, hi i just completed a class an got certified, but i didn’t no that there is a lot of help to get into cna classes just go to your local worforce an ask for help dont be ashame to dig deep an get some help. i wish i did, but in the end i know that i will make up those dollars. lol. good luck to you!!!!

    13. Dorian Jakes says:

      I am 29 and looking how to go about either free cna training or low cost. I have no clue where to begain.

    14. Ana says:

      I never heard of any CNA training in California that’s low cost of a $100! Even ROP in LA are over $1500, so much money! American Red Cross is also $1400. Plus you’ll need a BLS card, and a Fire card, they also cost money to obtain them, but not much. Anyone knows where I can get a lower cost for CNA training and certificate exam included in L.A?

      By the way you need a Physical exam and TB test before you take the class, CPR should be included in the training, if not, you need to get it on your own.

    15. Dawn says:

      I’m a 35 year old mother of 3 with limited income. Where can I get CNA training for free in Texas? And help with child care?

    16. Maria Escamilla says:

      I’m interested in free CNA classes in Denver CO. My question is there any program for free for older than 21.

    17. Jessica says:

      I am looking for free or low costs CNA program for many months now. some of it I call is more than $1000. or the care centers I call say they don’t provide the CNA programs. I am looking for this program mainly around Downtown LA and going through I live in in Lancaster,ca. my husband works in downtown so he can pick and drop me. That will be easy for me.thanks in advance.

    18. Im looking for cna classes that are free i have traing from service and good with people really like working with people i feel that if i dont work with people i will feel left out of my hold life work im 50year old but have a lot to give to the medical field dont like at my age but what i have to give to the medical field

    19. michou says:

      i am really need to become a CNA but in California school to expensive 2,200

    20. Jane Apple Aliola says:

      hi im a fresh graduate of Practical nursing last May 2010 in Asian College of Science and Technology. I passed the assestment NCII exam in tesda. I’ve been a private nurse of one of the patient in Calamba Medical Center with 90 years old patient. I also have experience as a voluntered nursing assistant in community medicare hospital. ahh where i can get the training??

    21. tia says:

      yes… im looking for free cna classes but in going through g.e.d classes right now so do i have to be done with it or can i work around it?

    22. diana says:

      yes , i currently work for a company where i have 90% of the training to be a cna already.. would all mt certifices count torwards my classes.. they are through the state of florida. or would i have to take everything again.. all the question that i have seen on the internet and in the books i know

    23. Jinky says:

      I am very much interested in Free CNA training program and in return i will for them ASAP.I have a background in Medical field and have a caregiver certificate as well.

    24. Danny says:

      Im a 34 yr old man looking to make a difference in the world.Ive been looking for training but most are expensive.I want to become a nurse to help people and men are in demand in this field.Does anyone know of any hospitals giving free training in return for employment there?

    25. Nicole says:

      I’m 21 years old, have a strong passion for Nursing and I am highly interested! Please contact me ASAP!(:

    26. ndeyfatou says:

      HELLO my name is ndeyfatou a mother of two, in raleigh NC , looking for free cna training or health center that will train and employ me on contract

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