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SUNY Delhi, NY, Licensed Practical Nursing – Certificate

Licensed Practical Nursing – Certificate
This two-semester program combines classroom instruction with actual, on-site clinical experience. It’s an energized approach that covers a broad range of basic skills and fosters a professional commitment to quality patient care. Clinical experiences at area hospitals and health care agencies provide opportunities for direct, holistic patient care. Graduates earn a certificate in practical nursing and are eligible to take the NCLEX Licensed Practical Nursing examination.

Sanford Hall
Delhi, NY 13753
(607) 746 4490

A graduate of the Practical Nursing certificate program will be able to:

Demonstrate knowledge of data collection and nursing care concepts of the human system focusing on maternity, newborn, pediatric, aged, and mentally ill clients, with consideration of how cultural and ethnic diversity affects health care.
Understand and apply the principles and techniques used in assessing and meeting the basic physical and psychological needs of human systems through the lifespan, with primary foci on Activities of Daily Living (ADL), technical skills, and safety needs of clients.
Assist clients who have impaired body structure or function at various levels on the health/illness continuum. Emphasis is on the nursing process, therapeutic communication, critical thinking, and the health team’s role in providing for safety, comfort, health teaching, and rehabilitation.

Apply the skills of data collection, communication, and utilize fundamental techniques in caring for the geriatric population.
Use the nursing process in data collection and in utilizing care plans in implementing client care.
Display a thorough understanding of human anatomy and physiology.
Display knowledge of the fundamental concepts of psychology.

Career Possibilities: Employment in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, infirmaries, physician’s offices, private health care agencies and home health agencies.

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