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Calhoun Community College Practical Nursing Program, Alabama

Admission to the Calhoun Community College Practical Nursing Program is competitive, and the number of students is limited by the number of faculty and clinical facilities available.

Calhoun Community College Practical Nursing Program, Alabama

Calhoun Community College LPN

Information for Admission/Selection -Calculation of Points for Students Meeting Minimum Admission Standards. After meeting all minimum requirements, applicants are rank-ordered using a point system based on:
-COMPASS Reading scores;
-Points from selected college courses (i.e., ENG 101, MTH 116 or higher) or selected high school courses (i.e. Algebra II or
higher level math, highest level Biology, Chemistry); and
-Students may be awarded up to 11 points as determined by individual college policy and procedures.

Calhoun Community College
P.O. Box 2216
Decatur, AL 35609
or Calhoun Community College
6250 Hwy. 31 North
Tanner, AL 35671
Phone: 1-800-626-3628

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