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CNA program |Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic

The East Central Florida Memory Disorder Clinic, part of the Health First Aging Institute, is now offering a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program as part of the Clinics Training Academy. The program consists of 19 days of classroom lecture and 4 days of clinical training in a long-term care facility.

The five-week CNA training program is based on coursework from the American Health Care Association and instructors are registered nurses experienced and knowledgeable of Florida State requirements for certification. The five-week class : Melbourne at the ECF Memory Disorder Clinic Training Academy classroom, 3661 S. Babcock Street. The coursework includes 120 hours of lecture and skill development; CPR training; and clinical training in a long-term facility to help the student successfully pass the licensing exam.

The Certified Nursing Training Program is helpful to anyone looking for a new career or a career change to the nursing profession; upgrading from a non-professional position within a medical facility to a licensed CNA position; for those planning on entering a nursing degree program and wish to have an income and experience while obtaining an education; the course can be used as a preparatory course to any continuing nursing program.

For more information about the CNA course, please call (321) 768-9575 extension 3002 .

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