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Doctors and nurses who do not wash their hands

Doctors and nurses who do not wash their hands could be sacked under new “zero tolerance” rules to prevent the spread of superbugs. The tough rules on hand hygiene will be applied to Scottish hospitals from January.

Those who repeatedly fail to comply with hand washing guidelines have been warned they could face disciplinary action when the new rules are implemented. Ministers previously set a 90 per cent target for handwashing, to be met by February next year.
But they believe that target has already been achieved ahead of schedule and the health boards are being told to target the remaining ten per cent of staff who fail to keep their hands clean.

An aide to Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon said it was “unacceptable” for medical staff to flout hygiene rules. He said: “Hand hygiene is an important part of our drive to tackle healthcare associated infection. NHS Scotland has met the target to achieve at least 90 per cent compliance.

“We are now adopting a zero tolerance approach to non compliance and all Boards are expected to implement this policy. He added that a new campaign would be launched next month to raise awareness of the high standards being set.”Compliance monitoring will be stepped up and there will be a new hand hygiene campaign launched in January.

“It is unacceptable for staff to fail to comply with hand hygiene guidance. All staff must ensure the safest possible environment for patients. “Zero tolerance means just that, and all staff should be in no doubt that the highest standards are expected.” (source)
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