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Online resume posting services aren’t always the best choice of job-finding strategies

Online resume posting services aren’t always the best choice of job-finding strategies.

In the last five years, that method of communication has really grown, and there’s a temptation to use it in the job market, but you still have to ask, ‘Who is doing the hiring and how do they communicate?’ Probably not by text message.

Students have to get out and network.

Get in touch with the people who are doing the hiring in your field. Go see who is actually doing the hiring because it doesn’t work the same for every career path.

Another strategy involves joining professional groups and associations.

Usually as a student you will get a discount rate when joining, and then get access to job listings and other resources. Regardless, that group is actively involved in your field and those are the people you want to get involved with.

Students should also take a realistic look at their career aspirations and expectations. You may have to reconsider the ideal job, the one you see for yourself, at least at the start. You might have to re-frame that and come up with Plan B.

That isn’t as compromising as it sounds; all job opportunities can be used to gain experience that leads to the ideal job.

Students shouldn’t blend themselves with the bundle of career people in large job sites. They should feature their resumes at websites that are dedicated to their own class-a student resume network where students can build their free resume online, brand their portfolios, post jobs wanted ads, and a whole lot more. A head’s up for students out there who are interested in building that online professional identity and doing networking at the same time.

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Just be realistic about the current job market. All these things are cyclical. This is a tougher moment, but there are jobs and it will get better, so look at what you can do in this next opportunity. When things do get better you will be in a position to pursue your ideal job. It will give you more options.

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