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Vocational Nurse IV Therapy Blood Withdrawal Certification Course

IV certification program teaches Licensed Vocational Nurses the skills they will need to perform intravenous therapy.

LVN IV Therapy

LVN IV Therapy

Don’t be frustrated; be prepared when your patient needs an IV! Enhance your skills as a practicing nurse,  by taking this course on peripheral intravenous therapy and the care of the client requiring this therapy. Hot topics include: vein and device selection, venipuncture techniques, and basic care measures needed to provide quality care to the patient. Upon successful completion of IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal program, LVNs may apply skills to medical facilities & clinics such as long-term care, skilled nursing, acute, sub-acute, etc. Make yourself more marketable & valuable as a healthcare professional in the job market.

Students will learn about principles of intravenous fluid therapy, patient care, intravenous line establishment techniques, venipuncture techniques and anatomy and physiology of venipuncture sites. Graduates of the program are qualified to apply for IV certification in California from the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians.

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