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Community Health Nurses-Public Health Nurses

Community health nurses (public health nurses), provide community-based health care. Nurses in this field often work for a state funded or federally funded agency, or a private health provides company. They may work in community health centers in large and small cities

Community Health Nurses-Public Health Nurses

Community Health Nurse

Community health nurses

-give immunizations at a community center
-instruct a class for expectant mothers
-visit new parents and help them learn how to care for their new baby
-talk with senior citizens and give presentation to schools regarding health, safety, exercise, and nutrition
-organize, promote, and deliver care to community groups in remote settings

As a public health nursing professionals, they are called on to provide access to health care to people who may not normally be able to afford medical services such as immigrants or homeless shelter residents

-community health nurses usually work with all ages and with different group of people
-provide public health services and educational programs to correctional facilities, elderly care facilities, and maternal and well-baby clinics.

Community health nurses have a median income of $52,000. The lowest paid 10% earn less than $37,000 annually, while the top paid 10% of registered nurses earned more than $60,000 annually.

Clinical Nurse Specialist in Community Health Nursing -The Master of Science in Nursing degree with a specialty in Public Community Health

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