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Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job

Many Pharmacy Technicians work in hospital settings.
Hospital pharmacy technicians assist the hospital pharmacist. The hospital pharmacy carries the functions of maintaining drug treatment records and ordering, stocking, compounding, repackaging, and dispensing medications and other supplies. It also prepares sterile intravenous medications (IVs), prepare 24-hour supplies of patients medication, stocks nursing stations and delivers medications to patients’ rooms.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Hospital Pharmacy Technician

The pharmacy tech in a hospital setting may take part in all of these functions.

Pharmacy Technician receives, prepares, fills and delivers medications, floor stock and intravenous solutions to patient care areas.
-Maintains Pyxis machines.
-Creates and maintains drug distribution records.
-Performs routine pharmacy functions including receiving prescriptions from patients in writing or electronically from physicians.
-Pharmacy Technicians check stock levels and make sure that the correct orders are made to the pharmaceutical companies. These orders are often made using a computer, and much greater use is being made of the technicians ”IT skills.”
-Pharmacy Technicians prepare prescriptions by counting, pouring, weighing, measuring, and mixing the medication if necessary.
-Pharmacy Technicians maintain patient profiles, prepare insurance claim forms, stock, and take inventory of medications.
-Pharmacy Technicians prepare medications for inpatients in various settings, including sterile product preparation.

A hospital pharmacy technician can also work in, education and training of staff, management, IT, procurement, clinical trials and drug information services.
A hospital pharmacy technician working in a Hospital Drug Information center may be responsible for maintaining and filing correspondence and pharmacy related literature, including abstracts, catalogs, correspondence, journals, microfilm, and newsletters, and for collating data on drug utilization and adverse reactions.

Hospital pharmacies are more likely than community pharmacies to require that pharmacy technicians be certified. Some pharmacy employers encourage technicians to become certified by paying for the certification exam and given raises to those who pass it.

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician?

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