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Medical Assistant-Medical Office Managers

Did you know that most people who start out as a medical administrative assistant may advance to office managers? Administrative positions provide a popular career path because an administrative medical assistant can rise to the position of office manager without additional education.

Medical Office Managers

Medical Office Managers

A_medical office manager has to be knowledgeable about the various office tools that help a medical office run smoothly, such as basic software (a word processor, database, and messaging functionality).

An office manager performs a variety of clerical duties, such as:

-sent bills to patients
-order and pay for office supplies
-make workers get paid
-performing medical transcription
– managing the medical records system
– submitting third party claims to insurance companies using procedural and diagnostic coding
– coding and completing insurance claim forms; and making managed care referrals
– arranging physician appointments and transportation arrangements
– they also manage other medical assistants

Office managers must understand how the whole office works, so only experienced medical assistants become office managers.
Office managers usually earn more money than medical assistants

If you are looking for a new career in a fast-paced industry, become a medical administrative assistant .

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