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Nursing assistants should get along with others

People are living longer, and the population of the United State is aging, with the greatest increase in the number of people over 65. As a result, restorative care and home care services will be major components in health care. CNA will provide much of this service.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by 2030 the number of people who are 65 and older will be growing faster than the total population in every state — and 26 states will have doubled their senior population by that date.

To reduce the cost of health care, patients are discharged earlier from hospitals. These patients may still require health care which can be given more economically in skilled care faculties and in patients’ homes.

CNAs work directly with the patients, giving physical care and emotional support. This care is always given under the direction of the registered nurse. Not everyone can be a nursing assistant . Nursing assistants are special people : they are interested in others , they take pride in themselves, and they are willing to learn the skills necessary to care for those who are ill.

Much of the satisfaction that a nursing assistant gets from work comes from the quality of the relationships that are developed with other staff members and patients. Some people call it to get along with others.

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