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Licensed Vocational Nurse Jobs

The majority of vocational (practical) nurses work in long-term facilities such as nursing homes where patients stay for weeks, months, or even years. These nurses provide basic bedside care under the guidance of doctors and registered nurses.

Licensed Vocational Nurse Jobs and Careers


LVNs may also help develop care plans for residents (patients in long-term facilities are called residents), and may supervise nurse’s aides or nursing assistants.

Some LVNs work in hospitals where they take care of people who are sick, injured, or disabled. Vocational nurses perform simple nursing tasks such as changing patient’s bandages, applying ice packs to injuries, and helping medicate patients or massage them.. LVNs also collect patient samples such as blood and urine for testing.

Practical nurses also work in clinics where they prepare patients for medical exams; they weigh patients and check their vital signs, answer telephone calls and schedule patients’ appointments. Vocational nurses may assist doctors during exams and keep patients calm during exam.

Finally, some LVNs work in private homes and are known as private duty nurses, They care for patients who are well enough to live at home, but still need some care. Private duty nurses help patients recover from illness or injuries. They provide day-to-day patient care such as medical treatment and even meal preparation. Also they teach family members how to care for patients.

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