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Non-Clinical Job: Disability Management Nurse

Disability management programs have grown dramatically over the past decade because of the increased disability costs. These programs are designed to use specialists such as  Disability management nurses who are specially trained to work primarily with injured employees.

Disability management nurse’s goals are ensure the injured workers are provided with timely and necessary services that accommodate their medical and vocational needs while minimizing the cost impact of the disability and absence of the employee.

What Do Disability Management Nurses Do?

Disability Management Nurse

Disability Management Nurse

_Determine benefits due
-Conduct home visits on an as needed basis for assessment and evaluation of ongoing need for disability benefits
-Make timely claims payments and adjustments for workers compensation, Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), and other disability offsets.
-Communicate with claimant and client on all aspects of claims process either by phone and/or written correspondence.
-Ensure the claimant is not “bounced” from provider to provider without established treatment plans and strategy.
-Discuss with patients/claimants their ultimate responsibility for their own health.
-Evaluate and assess all relevant information in connection with a request for disability benefits. This may include, written medical records, medical history, treatment plan, test results, and, as needed, oral communications with treatment providers.

Disability management nurse- Certified disability management specialist (CDMS)

This certification has four different categories which a candidate may qualify. The emphasis appears to be on the nursing profession; however, the more advanced degree do allow for other training as long as they include specific courses in disability, vocational/occupational information, counseling, and other direct service training criteria. The computerized exam includes multiple-choice questions covering disability case management, vocational aspects of disability, managed care, and psychosocial intervention.

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