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Where Do Medical Assistants Work?

Medical assistants  are among the top growing occupations in the United States. The medical training prepares them for a variety of employment opportunities, so job seekers who want to work as a medical assistant should find excellent job prospects. Work is available anywhere in the world that medicine is practiced.

Employment opportunities for Administrative medical assistants are available in public and private hospitals, including inpatient and outpatient facilities, physicians’ offices, offices of nurse practitioners, clinics, dental offices, prisons, the armed services, health and accident insurance companies, public health departments, medical departments of large companies, Medicare agencies, foundations, research institutes, public health service departments, managed care companies, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, medial instrument and supply firms.

Additional jobs for those with clinical skills may be found in working with inpatient (critically ill) patients, persons receiving home health benefits, and those that require personal care in nursing homes or those under hospice care.

Many Medical assistants prefer to work a regular 40-hour week
(physicians’ offices are usually open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Medical assistants who prefer evening and/or weekend shifts may choose to work in hospitals, clinics, or some other health care facility because many of these are open longer than the standard workday.

Medical assistants comprise one of many medical support occupations. Other occupations of this type include Dental assistants, Medical records technicians, health information technicians, Occupational therapy assistants, Medical secretaries, Pharmacy aides, and Physical therapist assistants.

Podiatric Medical Assistants
Ophthalmic Medical Assistants
Cardiology Medical Assistants
Urology Medical Assistants
Pediatric Medical Assistant
Chiropractic Medical Assistant

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