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Non-Nursing Job-Medical Writer

If you love the medical and healthcare fields and are passionate about learning, then become a medical writer. Medical writers are like gold right now; it is a career with a great future. Having a knowledge of health care practices will definitely put you in the top spot for bonus assignments.

How much does a Medical Editor/writer earn?

Non-Nursing Job-Medical Writer

Medical Writer

For_instance, medical writers in the pharmaceutical industry may start out making $75,000 a year, but can top $100,000 after three or four years. Once you reach the managerial level, you a freelancer in the fast-growing field of medical writing might make $120,000 or more.

How to become a medical writer

You would need proof of publication of original articles to start as a medical writer or eventually an editor. Many medical writers are freelancers anyway. Learn the freelance writing business.You may have a better shot with your nursing background. Do prepare some samples and when you submit resumes, offer to present those samples at an interview or “on request.”

What does a medical writer do?

-their talents may be utilized for health textbooks, information given to patients, etc.
– healthcare newsletters
-they write medical columns for the local paper or a magazine.
-medical writers also might work on print ads for a pharmaceutical product
-prepare articles for peer-review medical journals
-write copy for “poster sessions” at medical meetings
-prepare abstracts, manuscripts, reviews and journal supplements
-writing health fact sheets for patients, health professionals, and the general public.
-medical writers cover releases of new drugs

How to get started in the field of medical writing?

Start small. Target relatively simple healthcare newsletters that may pay a low rate and so are willing to take a chance on you. That will give you clips to show other publications and it will snowball to more sophisticated and better paying outlets. Be patient, and work your way up.

Medical Writers Skills

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