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The Best Part Time Medical Jobs

A career in the medical profession has many different avenues to explore. If you want a part time medical job, they are abundant and usually easier to find than full time positions. From physician assistants to nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacy techs and in just about every area of the field, part time positions are available.

Part Time Medical careers

Part Time Medical Jobs

Pharmacy techs can hold part time positions with retail pharmacies or in hospitals and other facilities. Various shifts are available and in smaller locations, you may be able to work four hours per day. A pharmacy tech has varying responsibilities depending on the venue. Hospital pharmacy technicians are apt to count and deliver medications to the units. They also enter pertinent information on each of the charts. In retail pharmacies, the duties are much the same. Dispensing medications and keeping track on patient records.

Receptionists in doctors offices can also have the option of part time work. This is especially true in smaller practices. They are responsible for entering patients as they arrive and may have some responsibilities with processing insurance claims.

Dental assistants can also choose part time positions. Dentists do not always keep their patient hours on a full time schedule and their assistants can work part time as well.

Physical therapy departments and occupational therapy departments will employ part time help to set up the service areas. They can have the necessary equipment ready for the arrival of the clients.

Chiropractic medical assistants can also work part time. They may work mornings and assist the chiropractor with incoming patients. Often the afternoon hours are set aside for other procedures that do not require assistance. Part time is available.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment companies need people to assist with select venues. If they are displaying at a trade show, they want someone knowledgeable with their product to demonstrate their things at shows. These are usually three or four days long with stretches in between. You do need to be prepared to spend long hours on your feet at trade shows.

There are many medical facilities that prefer to hire part time rather than full time. They don’t have to provide benefits for part time help as often as they do for full time employees. This is a big money saver for companies both large and small.

As you explore your options for part time employment, you should also consider your interests. You may be in the medical field already and are deciding to change fields. A part time position in a field you are considering could be the factor that helps you to decide if it is the right place for you.

People who are approaching retirement age may also consider just slowing down and taking part time positions. The medical field is a wide open field with many job opportunities.
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