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Nurse as a Patient Advocate: RNs Looking for a Non-Clinical Job

An independent patient advocate acts as liaison between the patient, the patient’s family, and healthcare professionals. Many hospitals are employing patient advocates these days. Hospitals usually have professionals who play this role called patient representatives or patient advocates. Social workers, nurses and chaplains may also fill this role.

Nurse as a Patient Advocate: RNs Looking for a New Path

Patient Advocate

When individuals lose power to represent themselves, and their need, others must advocate for them. As our healthcare system becomes increasingly complex, advocacy has probably never been more important.

What does a Patient Advocate Do?

-intercedes for patients who cannot speak for themselves in situations that require immediate action
-helps the patient obtain necessary care.
-monitors and safeguard the quality of care the patient receives.
-if a patient has a complaint about a bill, then a patient advocate explains the bill to him.
-helps review diagnoses
– helps to choose the best insurance plan
-handles paperwork and insurance filings
-negotiates denials of claims
– medicare plan decision making
-disability filings
-medical error review

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