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Top Paying Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Everyone’s dream is to find a top paying job.  Nurse practitioners are no exception. There are some specialties that pay more than others.

1. A psychiatric nurse practitioner can average in the area of $95,000.
They can work in clinics, hospitals rehabilitation facilities or other staffing opportunities. 

Nurse Practitioner J

Top Paying Nurse Practitioner Jobs

A_psychiatric nurse  practitioner treats patients with mental health disorders. They are integral in diagnosing, treating, preventing and assessing the patient.

2. A nurse practitioner midwife will earn an average of $84,000 per year. Working either with a facility or in private practice, their job is to assist with prenatal and neonatal care of the woman during pregnancy and delivery.

3. Nurse practitioners in a general setting average $78,000 per year

4. Gerontological nurse practitioners can command a salary of about $75000 per year.

5. A neonatal nurse practitioner averages in the neighborhood of $74,000 per year.

While all of these salaries are impressive, consider the fact that it is an average. It will all depend on where you are living and the need for your specific specialty.

Often you can find a position with a travel nurse company that can take you anywhere you would like to go. With these companies, in addition to the salary, you are provided with living accommodations and some other perks as well. It gives every nurse the opportunity to venture out to areas that may have been only a thought in the past.

You will receive pay for your travel to your job assignment as well. Here again the emphasis is on national licensure for ease in filling these positions. Laws vary from state to state, but the standardization of the licensing will assist you in acquiring exactly the position you desire.

Mobile Intensive Care Nurse

Parish Nurse

Oncology Nurses

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