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Traveling Dental Hygienist

First, there were traveling salesmen selling everything from potions on the plains to vacuum cleaners door to door. The concept continued in the health care professions with travel nurses, doctors, pharmacists and other fields. Now it has moved into the dental field with traveling dentists and now dental hygienists.

Traveling dental hygienist  career

Traveling dental hygienist

It_has_just recently to become self employed with your own practice for dental hygienists. These hygienists provide services that have been typically delegated to the dentist’s office. While this may have been good for those with insurance or those who had transportation, it excluded those who could not afford to go to the office or had no way to get there.

Traveling dental hygienists are licensed to teach preventive care. They can take x-rays, promote healthy teeth and gums and polish teeth. In some areas, they are permitted to administer anesthetic agents to patients, apply some temporary fillings and remove sutures.

The independent hygienist can offer services at lower cost due to their low overhead cost. There are no office charges or employees to include in the cost of operation. They can go to the homes of disabled clients and perform cleaning and examinations without difficulty for the clients.

You can choose to work for an agency or go out on your own to perform your duties. There aren’t too many occupations that will offer these options.
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