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Triage Nurses

Triage nurses are qualified and experienced registered nurses. They evaluate people who walk into an emergency room to see which one is most urgent and who needs to see the doctor first. Triage nurses are the most important members of the emergency department because they determine medical priorities.

Triage Nurses

Triage Nurses

Clinical decisions made by triage nurses require complex cognitive process. The Triage Nurse must demonstrate the capacity for critical thinking in environments where available data is limited, incomplete or ambiguous

What does a triage nurse do?

“Triage” is a French word which means “to sort”. Typically the triage nurse is the first nurse you will come in contact with, she will take your vital signs and document your complaint. Then she determines the severity of your emergency.

They determine who needs treatment on these bases:

-Highest priority: respiratory, facial, neck, chest, cardiovascular, hemorrhage, neck injuries
-Very high priority: shock, retroperitoneal or intraperitoneal hemorrhage
-High priority: Ccanial, cerebral, spinal cord, burns
-Low priority: lower genitourinary tract, peripheral nerves and vessels, splinted fractures, soft tissue lesions.

Triage nurses assess each person referred to them and determine who is in need of treatment first or sometimes separate patients in different waiting areas according to the seriousness or potential seriousness of their complaint.

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