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What does an Animal Scientist do?

Animal scientists are specialist in the branch of biology that studies animal behaviors, genetics, evolutionary history, and development. This title is reserved for those that specialize in understanding farm animals and their roles. Animal scientists along with zoologists carry out research that lets them learn more about living creatures.

Animal Scientist

Animal Scientist

Most animal scientists are employed by the Federal Government facilities consulting firms for agriculture. Animal scientists do research on how to get farm animals to increase their productivity of animal products such as milk. This includes breeding and raising farm animals.

For an example: if an animal scientist works with dairy cows, he might want to know more about the cows feed and how it effects the production of milk. This would mean the quantity and quality of the milk. They would also consider the availability of how much space a cow has in the pen or barn.

The quality of life for the animals that are raised on a farm. This means that they might work for government agencies that will inspect farms for the conditions of that farm as far as how clean it is and how humane the animals are treated. They might take samples of the water to check for pollutants, to make sure that the ground water is not being polluted.

An animal scientist must pass an exam offered by a nationally recognized agency. With a PhD. and years of experience, an animal scientist could chose to be a professor and teach new researchers.

Animal scientists are also considered veterinarians. They give vaccines; treat farm animal’s different kinds of diseases. They also study disease among the livestock of a farm.

In conclusion: Animal scientists work mainly for agriculture and the government. Veterinarians are the same as animal scientists. They also take care of the farm livestock. An animal scientist can become a professor and teach if they have lots of experience and hold a PhD. behind their name. they make sure that animal rights are not broken by doing inspections of farms and testing soil and water.

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