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Excel Vocational Center Health Care Programs

Excel Vocational Center (EVC) is an alternative institute of higher learning for those not able to experience college-level education. EVC offers three programs of vocational education for individuals looking for a career in health care.

Excel Vocational Center Health Care Programs

Excel Vocational Center

Excel Vocational Center: 1851 N Gaffey St. Suite B, San Pedro, CA 9073, Phone: 310.514.4780, FAX: 866.767.9778

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Program

CNA course is designed to prepare students for State of California certification as entry-level health care providers in both acute and long-term health hospitals. Both theory and practical skills required to qualify for certification are included in the 7-week curriculum.

Course Requirement – In order for the nursing assistant to receive a certificate of completion from the president of EVC students must complete fifty-three (53) hours of classroom instruction. The applicant must also attain an average grade of no less than 80% in the written exam, as well as a satisfactory score in return demonstration of clinical skills. Failure to obtain satisfactory marks will result in computerized administered test before taking a repeat exam. One hundred (100) clinical hours with a passing mark from a clinical instructor must also be completed. If the applicant fails to obtain a satisfactory mark for a particular skill, extension of clinical hours, at no extra cost, will be required.

Review Program for state licensure examination

The review program is a thirty (30) hour course intended for applicants who have already completed a vocational nurse (VN) or registered nurse (RN) training in preparation for state licensure examination. The course is prepared into three sections: computerized review, computerized practice exam, and group synergism. The applicant has the option to complete the Group Section in two weeks. The review portion may be completed in two weeks or two months. Prerequisites – All applicants will successfully complete EVC enrollment requirements and have successfully completed an accredited vocational or registered nursing program.

Home Health Aide Program

A one month program which will qualify the applicant as home health caregivers. Forty-four hours divided evenly into clinical and theory portions that follow the CNA program. Prerequisites – Valid Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and must be at least 17 years of age.

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