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Audiometric Technician/Hearing Aid Dispenser Certificate of Completion

Audiometric Technician Certificate of Completion FAQs

Is there a demand for this specialty?

-Yes! It is estimated that 35 million people need hearing aids in the U.S., but there are only 11,000 dispensers. With the aging baby boom population, the need for hearing aids will only increase.

Hearing Aid Dispenser Certificate

Hearing Aid Dispenser Certificate

Will my earning potential increase upon completing the Certificate Program?

-Licensed Audiometric Technician/Hearing Aid Dispensers have an earning potential of $50,000 or more per year. Also, the Certificate of Completion will prepare you to sit for the state licensure exam.

Short courses exist which require a few days to a few weeks to be an Audiometric Technician. What is the advantage of the 3 months program?

-A comprehensive 24-week program, not only prepares you to test for hearing disorders and reading of audiogram, it also gives you an understanding of anatomy and physiology of the ear and diseases of the ear. In short, you will be wellrounded in theory and application, from the physics of sound to an understanding of the psychological issues associated with hearing disorders. This educational background gives you an excellent preparation for contributing to an Audiology practice. And, as important, the classes qualify for college credit, which can be applied to a bachelor of science degree.

Can I apply credit from earning my Certificate toward a college degree?

-Yes! The Audiometric Technician/Hearing Aid Dispenser Certificate of Completion is comprised of 24 credit hours. The credit you earn can be applied directly into more than 20 bachelor’s degrees.

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