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House Calls – Not Just a Nostalgic Notion

Many are too young to remember when your doctor made house calls; he came to you, not the other way around. Fortunately for many in Bellingham, Washington, this phenomenon, the house call, is a reality, not just a thing of the past.

House Calls

House Calls

Take for instance family nurse practitioner (FNP), Jody Hoppis, known as “Nurse Jody” to her patients. She has taken her skills to her clients’ homes performing checkups, diagnosing illnesses and prescribing medications as needed.

Her travels cover approximately a 15 mile radius in the Bellingham area. What makes Hollis extraordinary is that she traverses the area on a specially converted bicycle in which has a motor for an extra push now and then and can carry all her supplies needed on her home visits.

For her patients, Nurse Jody is a godsend. Many clients are homebound or find it difficult to arrange travel to clinics or the doctors’ office. Home visits also aid in patient care, not only does Hollis’ feel she is able to spend more time with her patients, but the whole clinical picture is available when one visits a home. One can observe their living environment and possibly facilitate changes when needed.  Nurse Jody obviously finds pleasure in her work and she is very happy.
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