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Job Opportunities for Nurses

If a nurse want to stay home and work rather than go out in the field, there are positions in case management and medical transcription that are available. There are also attorneys that hire registered nurses to extract information from charts that are related to malpractice lawsuits.

Nurses jobs

Job Opportunities for Nurses

If_teaching is your niche, there are opportunities to hold clinics for patients that are in need of some basic education for a new or existing condition.

Schools that hire nurses need backup people to call when their school nurse is ill or out of work for a few days. This is a low stress position as a rule and can give you the opportunity to keep your hands in the profession.

Travel nursing offers some possibilities as well. The adjustment to a new hospital or clinical setting may not be something you would wish to deal with, but it will give you the opportunity to travel around the country. You have the opportunity to visit family and friends that you would not otherwise be able to afford to visit. It is an all expense paid trip to wherever you want to go. Lodging is also provided for travel nurses. Most of the contracts are for three months, but extension is often available if that is what you choose to do.

Most of the travel nurse positions are in acute care facilities, so this may be something about which you would want to think twice.
Perhaps you want to stay in an acute care facility, but not on a regular basis. PRN positions are available for times when the census increases and there is a staffing shortage. You have the ability to set your own times to be available.

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