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Job Outlook for Medical Transcriptionists

The medical transcriptionist that is certified has a good opportunity to grow. It is expected to grow eleven (11) per cent from the year 2008 to 2018.

Job Outlook for Medical Transcriptionists

Medical Transcriptionists Job Outlook

The aging and growing population will influence jobs for the transcriptionist. This due to the older generation needs more medical tests, treatments, and procedures that would require documentation. In addition, the need for electronic documentation will be at a very high level and will be shared among third party payers, consumers, regulators and health information systems. More and more transcriptionists will be editing documents from speech recognition systems, finding discrepancies in medical reports and amending patient’s records.

The need for certified transcriptionists will not be diminished by outsourcing work overseas or by the advancement of speech recognition technology. Outsourcing to countries overseas such as India, Pakistan and others is becoming more popular since it is more secure to send information over the internet. The demand for transcription services overseas will only enhance the call for well –trained local medical transcriptionist.
The transcriptions usually need to be edited by local transcriptionists before meeting the quality standards of the US.

Health professionals and physicians are dictating into computers using speech recognition technology and this creates electronic documents. Even with advanced technology there are many mistakes made. The software is slow to recognize the English dialect. This will ensure that the medical transcriptionist will be needed to edit the documents for these mistakes, correct them, and create a final draft of the document.
Hospitals will hire a larger number of workers and the outlook for physician’s offices is that they too will be hiring more persons to work.

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