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If a Nurse Cannot Afford to Quit

Burn out is common among nurses. When this occurs and the nurse cannot afford to quit, a low stress position may save the career and allow financial stability.

Low Stress Jobs

Low Stress Jobs

Nurses:Diabetes Educators
While some may require further education, much of that can be done online rather than in a classroom. With diabetes educators, you will have to practice diabetes education for 2 years or 400 hours before you are eligible to take the test. This is a national certification and is good in any state.

Nurses: Wound Care Specialists

Wound care specialists are also increasing in numbers. These nurses work one on one with the patient treating wounds and also teaching ostomy care for those who have had recent colostomies, iliostomies or other procedures either permanent or temporary that will require significant life style changes for the individual. The psychological effects of this type of procedure will lay heavy on a patients mind and it is important to learn how to deal with these things in a compassionate, educated way. You can do this either in a hospital or in a doctor’s office.

Case managers may also have to take a course or two to be comfortable and proficient at their job, but again it is worth the effort if you choose to stay in the profession.

Nurse as a Patient Advocate
Disability Management Nurse
Flight Nurse As a Travel Companion
Nurse as a Patient Advocate
Non-Nursing Job-Medical WriterTravel

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