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How to find the Right Low Stress Nursing Job

When the adrenalin rush of high stress and excitement does not hold the same interest as it once did, nurses search for a less stressful job than those in an acute care hospital.

Low Stress Nursing Job

Low Stress Nursing Job

One example of a low stress job is that with an insurance company. The duties may vary from paperwork and phone calls to visiting prospective clients and performing light physicals. It depends on whether you are looking for an opportunity to spend time with patients or just do the paperwork. Many of the insurance companies have nurses on their phone lines to answer client questions. They can do this either at the office or at home. They also employ case managers that work either at the office at home.

Diabetes educators are in great demand. While it takes some time to get certified, they serve a very important place in the health care field. With the instance of type 2 diabetes on the up rise and the ages of patients getting lower and lower, it is important to step up and learn what you can to help these people survive a controllable disease. There are situations that will allow you to work within the walls of the hospital. This is usually the case in non-profit hospitals. In the for profit hospitals, you may have to seek employment through a doctor’s office in order to have your fees reimbursed by the insurance companies, Medicaid or Medicare.  It is a low stress way to save a limb or a life.

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