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Medical Illustrators Job

Medical illustrators specialize in the visual transformation, display,
and communication of scientific information. Medical illustrations appear in medical textbooks, medical advertisements, professional journals, instructional animations, computer- assisted learning programs, scientific exhibits, lecture presentations, general magazines, and courtroom presentations.

Medical Illustrator

Medical Illustrator

Where do medical illustrators work?

-medical schools and large medical centers that have teaching and research programs.
-hospitals, clinics, dental schools, or schools of veterinary medicine.
-some institutional medical illustrators work alone, whereas, others are part of large multimedia departments.
-other medical illustrators choose to target specific markets such as medical publishers, pharmaceutical companies, advertising agencies, animation studios, physicians, or attorneys.
-some work independently on a freelance basis; others set up small companies designed to provide illustration services to various targeted

The employment outlook for medical illustrators is good.

This is in part due to the relatively few medical illustrators who graduate each year, and in part due to the growth in medical research that continually reveals new treatments and technologies that require medical illustrations.

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