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What are the advancements for a medical transcriptionist?

With experience, medical transcriptionists can advance to supervisory
positions, home-based work, consulting, or teaching. With additional education or training, some become medical records technicians.

Medical Transcriptionist Advancement

Medical Transcriptionist Advancement

Medical transcriptionist can work from home if they have more than two years experience. They can open their own businesses, as well. If they have more training or education, they could become medical coders, medical records, health information administrators, and health information technicians.

Medical transcriptionists that become editors find themselves proof reading transcripts. They are looking for inconsistencies or errors in the transcribing of procedures, lab work, discharge reports, examinations, diagnostic procedures and so forth.

A Medical transcription Consultant is a person that helps with solving problems, such as how to make sure the turnaround time is efficient and fast, solving problems with software, plus many more issues.
One can become a teacher in medical transcription. All these careers are very rewarding.

How Does a Transcriptionist Become Certified?

Job Outlook for Medical Transcriptionists

What are the responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist?

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