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What are the responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist?

As a medical transcriptionist you are responsible for many different things. Medical transcriptionist have to know medical terminology, punctuation, correct grammar, and spelling.

What are the responsibilities of a medical transcriptionist

Medical Transcriptionist Responsibilities

A_medical transcriptionist is responsible for transcribing reports, progress notes, autopsy reports, lab work, medical history, referral letters, consultation reports, examination reports and diagnostic-imaging studies. They collects, tabulates, and generates reports on statistical information.

They also need to know how to use their equipment. They listen to dictation using headsets. Foot pedals are used to pause the dictation. The typed dictation goes into a personal computer or word processor.

Being a medical transcriptionist is not only transcribing but it includes other responsibilities such as making appointments for patients, answering phones, handling incoming/outgoing mail, receiving incoming patients.

The longer you work in the field your responsibilities can change. You might be responsible for issues that go farther than transcribing, like examining health records to make sure that the correct format and terminology has been used correctly. You may consider going into a teaching or training role. This could lead to a supervisory position, as well.

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