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Army Nurses: Military as a Nursing Career

Beyond the excitement of traveling the world and serving our service members as care givers, the responsibility of military nursing is a wonderful way to expand your career. The Army nurse corpse was the first in existence and began in 1901. The army ran its own nursing school and new graduates were awarded the rank of lieutenant as they began their career.

Army Nurses

Military Nurse

The Army had both men and women serving as nurses as early as 1901. It is the same today. Financial and educational aide are available to all who are accepted in this prestigious position.

The requirements for becoming a military nurse today are much the same as they were in the beginning. You must have a Bachelor of Science degree from an accredited school of nursing. The Army reserves will accept nurses with an Associate degree RN. If you desire a military career and are seeking financial aid as well there are opportunities. You can join an ROTC program in college and financial aid is available. You must also have a valid license in any one of the fifty states.

You must be a citizen of the United States and have a clean criminal record. There cannot be any felony convictions on your record. A background check for security clearance is also mandatory. This will include financial history and credit report. You will have a standard physical performed upon your enlistment.

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