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Training to be a Nurse Paralegal

Lawyers and nurses speak two distinct languages. For this reason, lawyers need nurses to translate medical records. Over the past few decades, more and more nurses are aiming for a degree in law that can be combined with their medical background. Nurse paralegals meet the happy medium.

Nurse Paralegal job

Nurse Paralegal

The_training takes less time than a JD degree yet combines both professions to increase the value of the nurse. Most nurses will want to stop nursing at some point, but still need to work. By retraining, this can be done.
Being a paralegal also gives you the advantage of practicing at home rather than leaving your home for a nine to five job that takes you away from your family. Extracting medical and legal mistakes can be done in the comfort of your own home as well as in an office. It just requires a bit more education.

You are more valuable as a nurse paralegal if you have good nursing experience. It probably would not be advantageous to the new graduate who is filled with things learned from books. The hands on experience is a far greater teacher than that which you receive in a classroom.
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