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Are you in a nursing program and considering a tattoo?

If you are in a nursing program and considering a tattoo, you may want to explore your options. There are a lot of body parts that will not be exposed when you are at work and wearing a uniform. There are others that are always in view and for these, you must demonstrate caution. No one denies the right to self-expression. Neither do employers plan to compromise their standards for your self-expression. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

Nurse Tattoos

Nurse Tattoos

People choose to have tattoos for a variety of reasons. Self-expression, devotion to a loved one, artistic desires and peer pressure, all have tattoos as a type of individuality.

As a professional, you will have to maintain a certain decorum. People in very stressful situations closely observe this wholesome professional. Are massive tattoos what they want to see? That is a question that the recipient alone will have to answer.

While the stigma attached to having a tattoo has lessened to a degree, it is still not the choice of the majority. There are beautiful works of art that have been placed on people and are truly something to be proud of, but they may not be the perfect choice for a nurse.

The choice should be made before you have the tattoo applied. If you are planning to go into the nursing profession, take pause and make the right decision.

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