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A Nurses’ Gives Extraordinary Gift To Patient: A Kidney

Nurses are known for their compassion and sometimes selfless dedication to their chosen profession. This nurse, however, has gone beyond the call of duty by donating a part of herself; her kidney, to one of her patients.

Vickie Lindt, a Billings Clinic, Billings, MT, registered nurse, announced to friends and family last August that she was donating a kidney to her patient, Roger Gravgaard. At the time, Lindt chose to remain anonymous, but now that the donation has been completed she and Gravgaard have decided to go public and speak of this truly extraordinary gift.
Lindt says one day she was watching a television program on organ donation. It was then she decided she would like to make a donation herself, which led her to think of Gravgaard. She had observed and monitored him during his three times weekly dialysis treatments and was impressed with his attentive and loving interactions with other patients suffering from kidney problems. She also felt that he would take care of himself after surgery and was ‘deserving’.

When Lindt first revealed to Gravgaard that she wanted to make the donation, he states, his first question to Lindt was, “Why me?” Her response, “Why not you?”

It took several months to get everything arranged and in order, but in August Lindt and Gravgaard completed the surgery. Roger’s daughter Aby, said, “It was hard to go through the first couple days, because every ten minutes you’re thinking what if something went wrong.” Lindt says, “It never really occurred to me that I was putting my life on the line, it was just the thing to do.”

Fortunately for all, nothing did go wrong and both donor and recipient are well and healthy. They both said their lives will be forever changed by this extraordinary selfless act and they will be bonded eternally.

Gravgaard says, “It proved to me that there are angels walking on the earth.”

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