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Nurses and Tattoos

Are you in a nursing program and considering a tattoo?
Some may find that combination “nurse and tattoo” to be rather unusual, but societal changes have made the possibility of having a nurse with a tattoo more likely. Whether there is conflict between the patient and the nurse or the hospital and nurse will depend on the circumstances.

Nurses and Tattoos

Nurses and Tattoos

The problem arises with some potential employers. Trying to maintain their standards, many hospitals will not allow nurses to have visible tattoos.

As a nurse, it is essential to maintain a decorum of caring and professionalism. It probably wouldn’t be appropriate to have a dagger exposed on your forearm as you prepare a patient for surgery. On the other hand, a dagger on your upper arm that will be hidden under your scrubs may be okay. What and where the tattoo is plays an important role.

There are some facilities that will require you to put a bandage or makeup over any visible tattoos. This is a simple fix for anyone. If your tattoo is on your forearm or ankle, it can probably be disguised in this way.

A small flower on your chest or your oriental symbol on your back, probably won’t be a problem. It is all a matter of choice. Free will and the freedom of speech or decoration will not be taken away from the person, but the rules of the hiring facility will not change either.

Therefore, check with the places in your area where you will consider employment and see what their policies are. If you are already employed, read your policy and procedure manual to see if visible tattoos are permitted.

Are you in a nursing program and considering a tattoo?

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