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Jobs for Retired Nurses

There comes a time in every nurses life when retirement becomes imminent. Most nurses can’t imagine not working any longer and will seek some type of job to get them through the retirement years. There opportunities for this in several different health care areas.

Retired Nurses

Jobs for Retired Nurses

There are home health agencies that will hire part time nurses to fill in when someone is ill or on vacation. They can go out to do patient visits or work in the office doing case management. Case management is usually a full time job, but is less stressful than an acute care setting.
Split shifts are often available with home health as well. Perhaps you just want to earn a little pocket money and don’t want to commit to a full time position. There are home health agencies that will hire you for a four or eight hour shift as seldom as once per week.
Home health care companies will not hire nurses who have been out of the profession for a number or years. Their one stringent requirement is at least one year of recent nursing experience.

With the availability of flu shot clinics, there are opportunities for retired nurses to take these temporary jobs in the variety of settings in which they are available. Many of the pharmacies will offer flu shots either by appointment or by walk-in instances. The jobs begin in October when the flu shots become available for that year and continue through February as a rule.

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