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Job Outlook for a Veterinary Technologist?

The job outlook for Veterinary Technologists is great. It will continue to grow by thirty-six percent by the year 2018. This is much faster than the average occupation.

Veterinary Technologist Job Outlook

Veterinary Technologist Job Outlook

Most pet owners are more willing to pay for advanced care because many of them consider their pet to be part of the family.  This puts a demand on veterinary care for animals. As a number of veterinarians grows the number of veterinary technologists grows as well.

Advanced veterinary specialties such as surgical procedures and preventative dental care will continue to grow and create opportunities for veterinary technologists that specialize in these areas to assist veterinarians.

There is a growing demand for technologists in clinics, hospitals, shelters, humane societies, and control facilities.

Veterinary technologist can obtain a job in a biomedical facility, wildlife facilities, diagnostic laboratories, food safety inspection facilities and drug and food manufacturing facilities. Employment of veterinary technicians and technologists is relatively stable during periods of economic recession. Layoffs are less likely to occur among veterinary technologists and technicians than in some other occupations because animals will continue to require medical care.

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