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Circulating Surgical Technologist

Circulating Surgical Technologist assist in circulating obtains additional instruments, supplies, and equipment necessary while the surgical procedure is in progress. He/she monitors conditions in the operating room and constantly assesses the needs of the patient and surgical team.

Circulating Surgical Technologist

Circulating Surgical Technologist

Circulating Surgical Technologist are not gowned and gloved during the surgical procedure. Their job is to deal with unsterile items and equipment brought from outside and used in surgery, so that the sterile members do not come in contact with any substance that might contaminate the aseptic environment.

When surgery is scheduled, circulating technologists check the patient’s chart, make sure the patient is the one scheduled for surgery, and bring him or her to the operating room. On arrival at the surgical suite, surgical technologists may help prepare the patient for surgery. They offer emotional support while checking the charts and observing vital signs. They position the patient on the operating room table, and wash, shave, and disinfect the site of the incision with an antiseptic solution. These technologists also apply electrocautery pads and tourniquets before surgery begins.

Circulating technologists assist in connecting and applying surgical equipment or monitoring devices. They assemble, adjust, and check nonsterile equipment such as sterilizers, lights, suction machines, electrosurgical units and diagnostic equipment to insure that it is in working

Before, during, and immediately after surgery, circulating technologists oversee the room to make sure the patient and the surgical team have everything they need and that everyone practices aseptic techniques. During the procedure they obtain and open packages for the sterile persons. The sterile persons can then remove the sterile contents without contaminating themselves or the sterile contents.

After the surgery, circulating technologists collect used instruments and linens and take them to the Central Sterile Supply Department for disinfecting and sterilization. Finally, they may clean the operating room, pack instruments in sets, and get supplies and equipment ready for the next operation.

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