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Emergency medical services is a dynamic and rapidly growing health care profession in the U.S. With the initiation and expansion of pre-hospital advanced lifesupport delivery throughout the country, a dire need for prehospital care providers, primarily EMT-paramedics,



The EMT-paramedic provides advanced life support to patients experiencing medical, traumatic or health crises in the prehospital setting. The EMT-paramedic functions as an extension of the emergency department physician and is responsible for the assessment, treatment and stabilization of the sick or injured patient using advanced life support equipment and techniques at the scene of the incident and en route to the medical facility.

Specific responsibilities include patient interviewing, physical examination, priorities for emergency care, cardiac monitoring and interpretation, defibrillation, intravenous and drug therapy, newborn delivery, management of the emotionally disturbed patient, extrication of the entrapped victims, rescue, advanced airway management and chest decompression. The treatment of the patient is based on the EMT-paramedic’s clinical impression.

An EMT-paramedic must possess the ability to remain calm and be able to function in an uncontrolled environment, exhibit leadership qualities, good physical condition, emotional stability, psychological adaptability, good moral character and manual dexterity.
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