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Ketogenic Diet Specialist

Nurses, doctors and Ketogenic Diet Specialists who specialize in this diet help families adjust to food restrictions as well provide long-term monitoring, which is important in the efficacy of this treatment approach.

Ketogenic Diet Specialist

Ketogenic Diet Specialist

The Ketogenic Diet involves ingesting a large amount of fat compared to carbohydrates or protein. The diet is useful for treating children who have atonic, myoclonic and generalized seizures, but it can also benefit some adults.

The ketogenic diet designed to mimic many of the biochemical changes associated with prolonged starvation. The diet is about 80% fat and 20% carbohydrates and proteins.

In most cases, children will start the diet while in the hospital, so that doctors and Ketogenic Diet Specialist can carefully monitor any progress and make sure that the diet is kept very strict.

While in the hospital, Ketogenic Diet Specialist teaches patients how to continue the diet at home, what foods to avoid, how to make a meal that is high in fats, and how to read ingredient labels.

Outcomes for people who go on the ketogenic diet: 30 percent experience a decrease in seizure frequency, duration and intensity, 30 percent become seizure-free.

While a child is on the ketogenic diet, a pediatric epilepsy specialist works closely with a pediatric dietitian and other health-care specialists to carefully monitor and evaluate the child on an ongoing basis. Strict adherence to the diet is extremely important in order to maintain the child’s health and growth.

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