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Massage Therapists Enjoy Their Job

Massage therapists often adopt massage practice as a second or third career and many enjoy the freedom of part-time work and independent practice.

Massage Therapists Enjoy Their Job

Massage Therapists

Some of the most common types of massage are Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, Shiatsu-acupressure, neuromuscular, trigger point, and sports massage. Massage therapy can be strenuous work at times. Practitioners must use correct body mechanics to prevent injury and fatigue. If the therapist travels to give massage, they transport either a massage table or massage chair and all supplies necessary to give a massage.

The profession requires good listening skills and the ability to make clients comfortable and relaxed. In addition to the actual massage, massage therapists market their practices, keep financial and client records, maintain supplies and equipment, educate their clients about massage and inform them of any physical irregularities they discover, and work with health insurance companies to receive fees.

During massage, therapists pay close attention to how the client is responding and discuss levels of massage pressure with the client. They also must be aware of medical conditions that might contraindicate massage and advise clients when massage is not appropriate.

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