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Orthopedic Technician and Orthopedic Technologist

As an Orthopedic Technician, you will be trained to care for patients with conditions of the bones and joints. An Orthopedic Technician works in such settings as an orthopedic clinic or the hospital emergency room applying casts and splints.

Orthopedic Technician

Orthopedic Technician and Orthopedic Technologist

Orthopedic Technicians and Technologists provide technical support to Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners in the delivery of standard orthopedic care and assist in running orthopedic clinics including preparing rooms and patients for orthopedic examinations and procedures, applying and removing common orthopedic devices and appliances, and assisting in routine procedures. All work is performed under the supervision of a physician or appropriate licensed practitioner.

Level I: Orthopedic Technician
Employees at this level provide orthopedic assistance to patients and medical staff.

Level II: Orthopedic Technologist
Employees at this level provide paraprofessional orthopedic services, such as complex casting and orthopedic treatment techniques to patients and orthopedic assistance and instruction to the medical staff.

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