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Scrub Technologists

Scrub technologists, or scrubs, are members of the sterile team. During surgery they assist surgeons by handing them instruments, sutures, and sponges. After scrubbing, these technologists put on a gown and gloves and prepare the sterile setup for the scheduled surgical procedure.

Scrub Technologists

Scrub Technologists



They check the supplies, equipment, sterile linens, and fluids needed for the procedure. Maintaining aseptic techniques at all times, they set up the instrument table with sterile linens, instruments, sponges, sutures, solutions, and other sterile materials.

When other members of the surgical team have scrubbed, these technologists help them with gloves and gowns. They then drape the operative site with sterile drapes.

During surgery, technologists anticipate the needs of surgeons. They pass instruments, sutures, and sponges. They may hold retractors or instruments, sponge or suction the operative site, or cut sutures as directed by the surgeon. They connect drains and tubing.

Scrub technologists operate sterilizers, lights, and suction machines. They assist in the use of electrosurgical equipment, pacemaker equipment, and fiberoptic equipment. Scrub technologists prepare and apply sterile dressings, and they may assist in the application of nonsterile dressings, including plaster or other casting materials.

When surgery is finished, technologists prepare the operating room for the next patient. They share with the circulating technologist the responsibility of accounting for all sponges, sharps, and instruments before, during, and after surgery

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