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Surgical Technologists Advancement

With experience, surgical technologists may become supervisors and assistant operating room administrators. These administrators are responsible for ordering supplies, arranging work schedules, and directing surgical technologist staff. Other technologists manage central supply departments in hospitals.

Surgical Technologists Advancement

Surgical Technologists Advancement

Surgical technologists work under the supervision of the surgeon who is in charge during the surgical procedure. Many surgical technologists remain in the operating room and advance in seniority and in earnings. Some surgical technologists advance by becoming specialists in a particular kind of surgery, such as open heart surgery, neurosurgery,
or liver transplants. With additional training, some advance to surgical assistants.

Many surgical technologists take jobs outside operating rooms. They may go to work for a company that sells sterile supplies or operating room equipment to hospitals. Others go to work for insurance companies. They may also become instructors. Some surgical technologists go back to school to become registered nurses, physician’s assistants, or doctors.

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2 Responses to “Surgical Technologists Advancement”

  1. Norma Regine Queen says:

    What is the difference between surgical tech I and II. Im interested because I work at a hospital where there is always postings for both. Plus what is the difference in pay?I think I might be more in interested in going back to school for surgical technician than a lvn.

  2. mc says:

    The classification of Surgical Technician I differs from that of Surgical Technician II in that the Technician II requires greater familiarity with operating room procedures.

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