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Surgical Technologists Earnings

Technologists may get extra pay for on-call duty, and usually receive time-and-a-half if they are called to work overtime. Many receive a shift differential for working evenings or overnight shifts. Fringe benefits vary with employer. Most offer medical insurance, paid vacations, holidays, and sick leave, tuition reimbursement, and pension plans.

Surgical Technologists Earnings

Surgical Technologists Earnings

Earnings for surgical technologists vary with the employer, and with the education, experience, and skill of the technologist. The average salary of surgical technologists was $31,960 a year. Overall, earnings ranged anywhere from around $21,000 a year to over $44,000 a year, but roughly half earned between $26,000 and $37,000 a year. In general, private scrubs employed by surgeons or employment service firms commanded the highest salaries.

Most surgical technologists work a regular forty-hour week. However, ten or twelve hour days are not uncommon. In some hospitals surgical technologists may work rotating shifts or be on call to ensure adequate staffing for emergency surgical procedures during nights, weekends, and holidays. Salaries vary depending on the experience and education of the individual, the economy of a given region, the responsibilities of the position, and the working hours.

Benefits provided by most employers include paid vacation and sick leave, health, medical, vision, dental insurance and life insurance, and retirement program. A few employers also provide tuition reimbursement and child care benefits.

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