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Cancer Registrar

Cancer Registrars are data management experts who report cancer statistics for various healthcare agencies. Registrars work closely with physicians, administrators, researchers, and health care planners to provide support for cancer program development.

Cancer Registrar

Cancer Registrar

The Cancer Registrar is involved in managing and analyzing clinical cancer information for the purpose of education, research, and outcome measurement

What is a Cancer Registry?

A Cancer Registry is an information system designed for the collection, management, and analysis of data on persons with the diagnosis of a malignant or neoplastic disease (cancer). Cancer Registries can be classified into three general types:

■ Health care institution registries maintain data on all patients diagnosed and/or treated for cancer at their facility. Health care facilities report cancer cases to the central or state Cancer Registry as required by law.
■ Central Registries are population-based registries that maintain data on all cancer patients within certain geographical areas.
■ Special purpose registries maintain data on a particular type of cancer, such as brain tumors.

Cancer Registrars ensure that timely, accurate, and complete data are maintained on all types of cancer diagnosed and/or treated within a health care institution or within a defined population. These data are then used to inform a wide variety of public health decisions and provide rich information for cancer diagnosis and treatment education.

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